hi! i’m ali. and i like making things. but what i love even more than that, is making things that make a difference. i’m an artist, entrepreneur and creative activist.

raised in northern california, rather nomadic, and currently calling atlanta home, i didn’t always think of myself as an artist: my degree is actually in criminal justice and psychology! (i did later, on whim, move cross country to study fine art at the school of the art institute in chicago) despite this, i've always viewed making things as some kind of magical portal; i know that art has power.

well­designed, carefully crafted work should open new doors, spark important conversations and epiphanies, and engage communities with new concepts. this is why i really believe in what i do. handlettering can transform the way a person sees your brand: whether you are a small business needing a new logo, a non­profit hoping to creatively engage a new following, or a commercial project looking to license lettering, i want to work with you!