the better together tour.

the Better Together Tour began out of the vision of a road trip across America and the desire to tell stories of light in what many may consider “dark" places. our team of four spent six weeks living in a small RV, stopping in cities with storied histories, a lot of violence, a lot of poverty… but also a lot of hope. resilience. peace. we wanted to talk about the stories of hope and restoration we found there. 

it’s easy to read the headlines from our homes and think the worst of our world, our humanity, but this is NOT all that's out there. there is so much good, so much hope, so much joy— and we were so honored to catch a glimpse of this by aligning with some of the most inspiring, courageous world leaders i’ve ever met. 

it’s dancing the cupid shuffle uniting a (formerly polarized) community and it's police officers in North Omaha, it's catching a glimpse of true freedom in the laughter of a wheelchair-bound teenager whizzing down his new (donated) ramp for the first time, it's an entire construction crew re-roofing a single mother's home late into the night knowing she will never be able to repay them. it’s the piano notes of hymns hanging in the living room of a family who regularly takes in trafficked women seeking refuge. it's the men and women of 180º Kitchen learning culinary skills that will guarantee them placement at an Atlanta restaurant. it's People Loving Nashville be greeted by their [homeless] friends who haven't missed a monday meal in years. these are the moments that have changed my life and the ones that i want to share with others. 

it’s great that I get to make pretty things. but I want to make pretty things that make a difference. and these are the projects that let me do that.